All the caricaturists I have known are funny characters. They have a different mind, do not think like everyone else and have habits that could surprise. They also all have in common a prodigious imagination and, in the majority of cases, an ability to create in several related fields: painting, advertising, writing, decor, etc. Indeed, the caricature requires an exceptional mastery of the drawing which, allied with an overflowing imagination, makes it possible to create and invent all sorts of original tricks. Cédric Loth is no exception to the rule. He is both a sculptor, a painter, a cartoonist, a cartoonist, a publicist and what else?

Cédric Loth began his career as a cartoonist for the Montréal newspaper Le Devoir before going on the Québec’s daily newspaper Le Soleil. He then devoted himself to comics, working for the French magazine Métal Hurlant. During this same period, he realized a comics album Atlantic City for the European publisher Les Humanoïdes Associés, which has been translated into seven languages.


Following these years of comics, he worked as a designer and artistic director. It is a very demanding environment, in which he does not count the hours invested. The money has a price and, after more than ten years in the field, he leaves the world of communications to pursue artistic projects that resemble him more. Bronze work is becoming more and more important in his life. His sculptures are realistic or humorous, and they are always detailed and marked by the quality standards to which he has accustomed us throughout his career.

I saw the work of Loth for the first time in art shops Hachem in Laval and I was left speechless in front of his talent. I was amazed to see this artist I did not know, who did not copy anyone and who had a unique and personal style in caricatures that propelled him among the best of the field at the international level.

So I talked to a friend about this extraordinary exhibition and he gave me the phone number of Cédric, because he knew him personally. This number started with 514.

When I joined Cédric for the first time on the phone, I was convinced that he was a European freshly landed in Québec and resided in Montréal. I was surprised to learn that he was born in Saint-Jérôme and that he lived in the Laurentides. I just could not believe it. I thought that I knew all the Québec cartoonists! The man is very discreet, not the kind to strut in front of the gallery.

In short, the continuation of this first telephone interview tells me that he was presently three steps away from my home, the Etching Workshop on the Island of Val-David. The hazard does not exist! So I meet him at my favorite bistro, the Baril Roulant in order to invite him to exhibit with the 1001 Visages. Believe it or not, he tells me that his son works there. Our first encounter was, so to speak, marked with the seal of magic.

At our second meeting, Cédric prepared a series of paintings integrating 3D collages to expose them at the Place de Citoyens de Ste-Adèle. So he did not have much time to spend with me.

Then, again during the same month, I met him for a third time to officially invite him to exhibit his caricatures during the Festival 1001 Visages de la caricature in Val-David. He accepted my offer, specifying to me that before granting me time, he had to complete the construction of an allegorical chariot with motorized characters for a parade to be held in Montréal.

You will have noticed it, Cédric is still occupied by various projects. This versatility requires a lot of experience, mastery and hard work. Furthermore, the art of Cédric Loth is wonderful. He doesn’t choose ease, nor for the half-measure. For Loth, it’s all or nothing! At a time when traditional drawing is lost to the benefit of the computer, this artist continues to work by hand, with traditional techniques. He paints on the most sensual papers we know, with the richest inks on the market using the best performing brushes of the moment. A vitreous screen will never replace his drawings on paper.

His know-how, he holds it in inheritance of the old or contemporary masters such as Rodin, Honoré Daumier, Norman Rockwell, Alexandre Calder and so many others. This great wealth can be appreciated to its full value by those who have broken their gouges on stone, kneaded the clay with their hands or danced black lines on paper so that life emerges.

Loth has been working in the arts for more than 32 years. He is highly respected by his peers for the quality of his artworks. His caricatures have appeared in important publications such as the Time Magazine. We are privileged to be able to admire his work which nourishes our souls.

Robert Lafontaine


In this trade, the value of your talent is often proportional to your circle of influential friends. Tell me who you know and I will tell you how good you are…

Today, the idea often replaces talent. It is enough for a conceptual artist to make macramé with toilet paper, and everyone gets excited and finds it awesome. We call it art nouveau! Sad…



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